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La Madeleine's Lecture Series on Lemmon Ave. e

Wednesdays, May -tba

The Bouvier Sisters, Part I: Mother, Money & Men:

Jackie Kennedy Onassis & Lee Radziwill


These illustrated slide lectures will examine the lives of two very famous sisters: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Lee Radziwill. In this first part, we will examine their growing up; the relationships with their mother and father; and their early attitudes towards money and men. To say that they were fascinated with money and men is an understatement. We'll probably meet the first husbands in part one.

Come join us! While having dinner is encouraged, it's certainly not required. If you do, please give me the receipt to apply to the room rental. If you have never attended a La Mads lecture, there's a definite vibe to them. We learn, but we have a lot of fun, too.

Cost: early discounted registration is due . For three lectures: $78/person; for two lectures: $56/person; for one lecture: $28/person. No refunds March 22 and thereafter. Advance registration is required. Mail your check and include your name(s), address, email, and physical address. When I receive your registration, I will email you that I got it. Take a look at your calendar because there are no refunds or thereafter. Please mail your payment so that it arrives by the due date because that is when it will be decided if the class moves forward. I have to let La Madeleine's know whether to keep the room or not.


Dr. Martha Fielder
1412 El Campo Drive
Dallas, Texas 75218

Late registration:

Payment , and thereafter is $88/person for all three lectures. For two lectures it is $66/person. For one lecture it is $38/person. Advance registration required.

No refunds March 22 or thereafter.

To register, send your name, address, phone number, and email, and mail to:

Dr. Martha Fielder
1412 El Campo Drive
Dallas, Texas 75218

Tel: 214-321-9051