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World War II in Normandy & Great Museums of Paris

Summer Dates 2019 tba



Depart the US on your own on Arrive in Bayeux, Normandy, on August .

Touring in Normandy summer 2019 - dates tba

visiting the major battlefields, monuments, and museums, sights associated with the D-Day Invasion, and many sights that were part of Band of Brothers; the Bayeux Tapestry, and the Caen Memorial Museum. For a most impressive and moving visit, we will go for a walk on Omaha Beach early in the morning. To see pictures of some of the places we will go, visit my Facebook page.

Private Transfer to Paris

: touring highlights of the Louvre, the Musee d'Orsay, the Marmottan which is home to many famous Monets, including his iconic Impressionist Sunrise which lent its name to the movement of the late nineteenth century. Notre Dame, the Gothic gem of Sainte-Chapelle with its stunning stained glass windows, Versailles, and the Basilica of St. Denis, famous for the architectural innovations of Abbot Suger and the Royal Tombs of the Kings and Queens of France. We will also take a day excursion to the Loire Valley to visit two exquisite chateaux: Chambord built by Francis I with its magnificent double staircase. and Chenonceau, a brilliant example of French Renaissance architecture, and the most famous chateaux of the Loire. A mixture of Gothic and Renaissance, it became the favorite home of Catherine de'Medici, the widow of Henry IV. It is simply stunning as it spans the River Cher. We'll learn about the architecture, and the people who have lived at both of these chateaux.

For a little taste of what we will see at the Basilica of St. Denis, and the royal tombs, take a look: Royal Tombs of St. Denis

Depart on your own for the U.S.

If you are interested in seeing photos of the Normandy portion of the trip, email me.


Prices: pricing information will be available Friday night the 31st. An email will be sent out. Please check back.

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A Vie Paratrooper John Steel, St. Mere Eglise-click to enlarge to see the mannequin of John Steel; Paratrooper Memorial
othununless otherwise noted, all photos by Bryan Warrick and Martha Fielder


Versailles, Trianon

German Bunkers along the Atlantic Wall, Normandy