Statement of Responsibility

 Dr. Martha Anne Fielder d.b.a. Marco Art Tours and/or their agents or representatives, in arranging transportation and ground services of any kind, and in accompanying the tour, shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, cost, damage, injury, delay, irregularity, or expense of whatsoever kind or nature, arising from, but not limited to, the use of any of the following: any conveyance, accommodations or services, or from strikes, wars, declared or otherwise, weather, quarantines, accidents, sickness, government restrictions or howsoever caused and loss or expense resulting there from shall be borne by the tour participant. Nor shall Dr Martha Anne Fielder /Marco Art Tours be responsible or liable in respect to any faults or defaults, acts, or omissions or any airlines, transporting or motor coach company, sightseeing, hotel, tour operator, firm, individual, agency, or other service contract. . If the tour is canceled, Dr. Martha Anne Fielder/Marco Art Tours is not responsible for any charges that may be incurred by the participant for changing or canceling an airline ticket. The usual passage contract in use by the carrier, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between said carrier and passenger. Dr. Martha Anne Fielder/Marco Art Tours reserves the right to withdraw this tour, alter the itinerary as deemed necessary by them, and to decline to retain any person as a tour participant. If Dr. Martha Anne Fielder/Marco Art Tour cancels the tour all monies received by them will be refunded. The cost of the tour is based on a minimum of 8 participants, excluding the tour leader. Tour prices are subject to change based on the number of participants, and exchange rates. Registration for this tour is deemed as acceptance of the above terms of the Statement of Responsibility whether or not you have actually read and signed it. All registration and payment is due October 12, 2018.

I have read the above statement and agree to its terms. Please sign a copy and mail with your registration, and retain one for your own records as well.