Marco Art Tours

Loving Vincent

La Madeleine's Lectures on Lemmon

Wedndesdays, November 29 and December 16
7:30-9:00 p.m.


It is an excellent time to review the turbulent life and art of one of the greatest Post-Impressionists. The film, Loving Vincent, has recently premiered which uses his art to tell his story. This is a first to have a film based on oil paintings. We will examine Vincent's relationship with his family, his failed early careers in the family businesses of art dealers and preachers, and then his decision to become an artist. He dedicated his work to his brother, Theo, who financially supported him. Sadly, Vincent never enjoyed financial success during his life. After his brother married, and had a child, Van Gogh will come to feel that he was a burden on Theo. In terms of his style, Van Gogh's unique style, and emotional use of color have created a special place in the history of art.

Cost: $52/person, or $26 per night paid in advance. Early discounted registration is due by Monday, November 20. No refunds after November 20. Prices November 21 and thereafter are: $62/person for two lectures, and $31/person for one night.

Advanced registration required. Please keep in mind that the room has to be paid for.

Mail your check to: Dr. Martha Fielder 1412 El Campo Drive Dallas, Texas 75218 Questions: 214-321-9051