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Queen Victoria & Her Servant Abdul: A Friendship

La Madeleine's Lectures on Lemmon

Wedndesdays, October 11, 18, 25
7:30-9:00 p.m.


Come enjoy the story of Queen Victoria, and her servant, Abdul, who kept her company and interested in life in later years. Needless to say, the Queen's family, especially her heir, Bertie, was not amused by this unconventional relationship. Hadn't the whole Mrs. Brown thing been dreadful enough? Queen Victoria had a mind of her own, and would not be ruled by her children, or anyone else. This is not an area that we have covered in previous courses on Victoria. Something new! If you have never been to a La Mads class, this would be a great one to attend. Very interesting topic for those who love the royals. There is a definite social element to the La Madeleine's classes. Have dinner if you wish, and enjoy some British history about a most fascinating woman. The La Mads lectures are educational and fun. It's kind of Martha unplugged. This should be a fun one!

Cost: No refunds at this point. The price is $88. If you can only attend one or two lectures, you still need to register in advance.. The price for an individual lecture paid is $33/person per night.
Advanced registration required. Please keep in mind that the room has to be paid for.

Mail your check to: Dr. Martha Fielder 1412 El Campo Drive Dallas, Texas 75218 Questions: 214-321-9051