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Martha Online - Flesh & Blood Exhibit at Kimbell
A Night at The Capodimonte

Tuesday Evening, July 7 at 7:30 p.m. access information provided upon registration

P.S. animals are free. I am sure you'll see some of mine in the background. Not barking, but if you look around the room you'll probably see some of my dogs. My cats most likely will not make an appearance. While they do like the finer things in life, art's not their thing.


I hope everyone is well! The Kimbell has just reopened. That Tuesday before everything shut down, I went to the Kimbell to see the magnificent Flesh & Blood Exhibit : Italian Masterpieces From the Capodimonte Museum Naples . This is a showcase of Renaissance and Baroque art.The Capodimonte Museum in Naples is one of the great treasures in Italy. Since we're not going to Italy this summer, we do have a wonderful collection from Naples visiting Fort Worth. For years, the Kimbell has not allowed touring in special exhibitions, and certainly would not do so in the current environment.

However, we have Zoom. My online lecture on the exhibit will be Tuesday evening, July 7. Upon registration, you will be given the details of how to access the lecture. Recording is prohibited. You have to attend the lecture, it's not like you can sign up, and watch/listen to it later. It's a one time event. Everyone will be required to sign in, and be admitted through the online waiting room. If someone is detected who has not registered or who is with someone who has registered, both will be removed.

The lecture will be live with PowerPoint. You will be in a waiting room where I will let you into the lecture. There are some major players in this exhibit: Titian, Pope Paul III, Pope Clement VII (connection to Henry VIII), Caravaggio, Ribera, Lorenzo Lotto, Raphael, Lorenzo di Credi, Parmigianino, Sebastiano del Piombo, El Greco, Giambologna, Annibale Carracci, Agostino Carracci, Lanfranco, Artemisia Gentileschi, Simon Vouet, Guido Reni, Caracciolo, and others. Learn about the artists and their masterpieces , but also the creation of the Capodimonte Museum and the Farnese Collection .

How long? We will put it in context so there will be some works shown in addition to what is it the exhibit. I would say 1:15 to 1.5 hours with some wiggle room in there for getting people into the lecture, and for those who want to chat afterwards you are welcome to stay and do so. I will probably ask that you mute your microphones before we start the lecture because of too much sound. Cost is $28/person. That is for one person, not for two people sharing a computer. Early Discounted Registration is due July 1. Join us to prepare for your visit to the exhibit or to relive it- or imagine an evening in Naples . Hope you can make it, but most importantly, wishing you and yours good h ealth and all the best!

Registration July 2 or thereafter is $34/person. No refunds July 2 or thereafter. Advance registration is required.



Mail your check and details to:
Dr. Martha Fielder 1412 El Campo Drive Dallas, Texas 75218 Questions: 214-321-9051 (Home)
please include your name, physical address, email, cell and/or home phone and who all you are registering for

No refunds July 1 or thereafter.

Will we return to La Mads? Yes, when the time is right. What about SMU, maybe next spring or summer. We are in a pandemic, but that doesn't mean that culture has to go away. On the contrary, I have some other ideas for online classes to come. Stay tuned and be well!